Int J Performability Eng ›› 2019, Vol. 15 ›› Issue (12): 3304-3311.doi: 10.23940/ijpe.19.12.p23.33043311

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Fault Detection Method for Energy Routing Nodes of Smart Grids Oriented to Electricity Information Security

Wenpeng Lia,*, Sance Gaoa, Renjie Dinga, Yanjun Haob, and Cheng Yangb   

  1. aMaintenance Branch of State Grid Inner Mongolia East Electric Power Co., Ltd., Tongliao, 028000, China;
    bBeijing Zhongdian Nanrui Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing, 100000, China
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Abstract: Current fault detection methods based on the immune mechanism for energy routing nodes of power grids have low peak strengths of estimated fault signals, resulting in a low probability of fault detection and fault location accuracy and a lack of fault isolation performance. A fault detection method for energy routing nodes of smart grids oriented to power information security is proposed. According to the fault characteristics of energy routing nodes of power grids, fault diagnosis criteria are given. The necessity and sufficiency of the fault diagnosis criteria are proven. The peak strengths of fault signals are estimated, and fault detection is realized. The fault line is judged by the natural frequency value of the fault traveling wave, and the traveling wave propagation that reflects the fault points is utilized. The intrinsic frequency value of the path can accurately calculate the fault distance and obtain the exact location of the fault. The fault isolation is accomplished by using the distributed power supply and combining it with the current power grid structure with the switch position. Experiments show that this method is superior to the current method in peak estimation strength, fault detection rate, and fault location, and the highest fault detection rate can reach 99%. The implementation of the proposed method can effectively improve the current situation of power grid fault detection and provide a more scientific basis for the development of this field.

Key words: smart grid, energy routing node, fault detection, power information security