Int J Performability Eng ›› 2019, Vol. 15 ›› Issue (3): 987-997.doi: 10.23940/ijpe.19.03.p28.987997

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Collaboration System Design of the Transportation Platform

Zhongwen Wang*, Dong Liang, Ruizhen Duan, and Mingshan Chi   

  1. Rongcheng College, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Rongcheng, 264300, China
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Abstract: In order to reduce the labor intensity of workers in automatic production lines handling material, an Automated Guided Vehicle collaboration system (AGV) is designed in this paper. On the basis of analyzing the differential steering principle, the control strategy of the AGV tracking and the automatic tracking control are designed based on the fuzzy algorithm and PID algorithm respectively, so as to realize the control of PC for the transport of goods. Additionally, the PC control software is specially designed for the system. This system is tested on the simulation and experiment environment and the results show that the AGV has the advantages of high guidance precision, following stability and high reliability. The fleet operation can effectively improve the work efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Key words: AGV, fuzzy control, PID control, remote control, AGV scheduling