Int J Performability Eng ›› 2006, Vol. 2 ›› Issue (3): 265-276.doi: 10.23940/ijpe.06.3.p265.mag

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Integrated Product and Process Attribute - Quantitative Model for Software Quality


  1. Interdisciplinary Programme in Reliability Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India


The software size and complexities are increasing and software project management has become very crucial. The industry demands for consistent software quality within the stipulated cost and time frame. In order to achieve quality, cost and schedule target, quantification and prediction of these attributes early in the life cycle of development have become an important problem. Software does not manifest its quality properties directly; instead it is exhibited through certain contributory measures of the process steps and intermediate work products.
Attempts have been made in past by various researchers to correlate the product and process attributes, however these type of modeling is done only for subset of the attributes spanning to one and two software development phase[1]. In the present paper Integrated Product and Process Attribute - Quantitative Model (IPPA-QM) is proposed which is based on the relationship of elemental product and process attributes. Prediction equations are developed for the software development phases. Requirements phase equations are substantiated using quantitative techniques.
IPPA-QM provides the holistic view of the product and process attributes throughout the software development life cycle by applying various quantitative techniques. IPPA-QM enables prediction based planning and corrective action early in the development lifecycle thereby improving the execution capability of the IT organization and achieving quality, cost and schedule targets.
Received on March 10, 2006
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