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Visibility Factor of International Journal of Performability Engineering

The International Journal of Performability Engineerng (IJPE) is a peer-reviewed journal which was started as a quarterly international journal in July 2005. Since January 2010, IJPE has become a bimonthly journal. The statistics of number of citations based on the citations record available from freely and openly available databases such as Google Scholar etc. for the papers published from 2005 up to 2012 is as given below in the Table 1. The numbers of citations, in this Table have been prepared based on the following sources of information:

  1. Google Scholar (
  2. The SCImago Journal and Country Ranking
  3. SCOPUS (;
  4. Microsoft Academic Research (


These databases are accessible to anyone and source can be verified anytime freely. The Impact Factor of Thomson Reuters (or ISI) is a copyrighted term of Thomson Reuters. The databases- Web of Science and Web of knowledge are maintained by Thomson Reuters and an impact factor is computed by Thomson Reuters based on these databases which are subscription based.

Here, we like to define a term which we would like to call as Journal Visibility Factor (JVF), retaining a similar definition as that of the impact factor to show how much visible IJPE is in the scientific world, or in other words it can be considered as how much presence IJPE has been able to make in the scientific word. The JVF has been also defined as the number citations divided by the number of papers published during a given period of time in the international journal. We like to provide a table to compute JVF based on the data available from the databases indicated therein.

Table 1: IJPE Visibility Factors Updated (to June 2014)*

C1 C2 C3 C4 _GS C4 _SC C5_GS C5_SC C6 C7_GS C7_SC C8_GS C8_SC
2005 2 14 121 62 8.643 4.429 14 121 62 8.643 4.429
2006 4 28 219 126 7.821 4.500 42 340 188 8.095 4.476
2007 5 38 112 72 2.947 1.895 80 452 260 5.650 3.250
2008 4 29 100 75 3.448 2.586 109 552 335 5.064 3.073
2009 5 42 192 101 4.571 2.405 151 744 436 4.927 2.887
2010 6 49 138 121 2.816 2.469 200 882 557 4.410 2.785
2011 6 48 79 81 1.646 1.688 248 961 638 3.875 2.573
2012 6 57 80 64 1.404 1.123 305 1041 702 3.413 2.302
2013 6 61 23 18 0.377 0.295 366 1064 720 2.907 1.967
2014 4 40 2 2 0.050 0.050 406 1066 722 2.626 1.778


Column C1               : Year of publication 

Column C2               : Number of Issues published in that year 

Column C3               : Number of papers published in that year 

Column C4_GS         : Number of Citations During that year (Google Scholar) 

Column C4_SC         : Number of Citations During that year (SCOPUS Search) 

Column C5_GS         : Journal Visibility Factor (JVF) for that year (Google Scholar) 

Column C5_SC         : Journal Visibility Factor (JVF) for that year (SCOPUS Search) 

Column C6               : Cumulative Number of papers published from 2005 till that year

Column C7_GS         : Cumulative Number of Citations from 2005 till that year (Google Scholar)

Column C7_SC         : Cumulative Number of Citations from 2005 till that year (SCOPUS Search) 

Column C8_GS         : Cumulative Journal Visibility Factor (CJVF) from 2005 till that year (Google Scholar) 

Column C8_SC         : Cumulative Journal Visibility Factor (CJVF) from 2005 till that year (SCOPUS Search)


As we can see from the foregoing Table that Journal Visibility Factor improves with the passage of time as the papers published in any journal become more and more visible to the scientific world and more citations get added to the papers published in the journal.

In addition to above listed databases, the NSD - a scientific database of Norway ( which covers very many technical journals, places IJPE at higher acceptance level in comparison to many other competing journals in the areas the IJPE scope deals with.

The very fact that authors from 49 countries have published their contributions in the IJPE in such a short span of its existence and that we have been regularly receiving requests of reprints of the papers published in IJPE, speaks volume of its visibility. IJPE has maintained the highest academic integrity and standards. Each paper is reviewed by competent referees and revised before it is published in the journal. IJPE has the most knowledgeable and well-known experts on its Editorial Board to advise and support its activities.


The help rendered by the following students of IIT Kharagpur in collecting the data is acknowledged with thanks :

Research Scholars

Heeralal Gargama, Shahab Fatima,  Manjubala Bisi, S. Rajkumar, S. Rajarajan, Anil Kumar Tulluri, Govind Rajulu Eerada, Gurmeet Singh, Krishna Kumar Dadsena,  Durbadal Chattaraj, Esha Datta

MS Students

Suparna Chakraborty





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