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Sustainability : Key Issues



Routledge, London and New York



Sustainability : Key Issues

 Editors  Helen Kopnina and Eleanor Shoreman-Ouimet

Year of Publication











Krishna B. Misra



Review Complete

The book comprises 17 chapters, preceded by List of Figures, Tables, Boxes, Abbreviations and a List of Contributors. The book is arranged in five parts as follows:



PART I : Defining Sustainability



Introduction: the Emergence and Development of Sustainability

22 Pages


Chapter 1

Sustainability , the metaphysics of mastery and transcendent nature

15 Pages


Chapter 2

Reconstructing the sustainability narrative

30 Pages


PART II : Measuring and Assessing Sustainability



Chapter 3

Ethics in sustainability indexes

15 Pages


Chapter 4

Navigating towards sustainability: essential aspect of assessment and indicators

21 Pages


Chapter 5

Concepts, methodologies, data and tools to assess water use

22 Pages


PART III : Governing, Business and Managing Sustainability



Chapter 6

Sustainable Consumption and its discontents

22 Pages


Chapter 7

The future we want: Post Rio +20 sustainable development goals and the role of education for sustainable development

28 Pages

Chapter 8

Sustainability 2.0 : New strategies for achieving behavior change in a more connected world

16 Pages


Chapter 9

CRS, voluntary standards and sustainability

20 Pages


Chapter 10

Business and production solutions: Closing loops and the circular economy

21 Pages


PART IV : Globalization, Growth and Environmental Change



Chapter 11

Economic growth and sustainability

24 Pages


Chapter 12

Population matters

20 Pages


Chapter 13

Urban sustainability

14 Pages


Chapter 14

Sustainable rural development and livelihoods



PART V : Sustainability and Ethics



Chapter 15

Environmental politics, animal rights and ecological justice

18 Pages


Chapter 16

Environmental ethics for tomorrow : Sustaining the biosphere

12 Pages


Chapter 17

Is ‘sustainability’ the same as ‘sustainable development’?

18 Pages



06 Pages



11 Pages



This is a comprehensive book with contributions from 30 experts, besides the editors, who work in multi-sustainability-978-0-415-52986-0disciplinary aspects of sustainability and are well-known for their contributions in their respective areas. The editor Helen Kopnina is a coordinator of Sustainable Business program, lecturer in Politics, Business and Environment and researcher of environmental education and environmental social sciences whereas Eleanor Shoreman-Ouimet is an environmental anthropologist and teaches in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Connecticut, USA. The book expounds the definitions of various terms in vogue besides providing the glimpses of the history of emergence of sustainability as a discipline in 21st Century  outlining the relationship between sustainability and sustainable development-the former being the destination and the latter as a journey to reach the destination. The book outlines various issues related to sustainability and discusses in details their interactions, advantages, vagueness and drawbacks.

Various indicators of sustainability and their assessment are provided including the ethical, political and commercial aspects thereof. The book discussed the important aspect of measuring and assessing sustainability, which is often not so clearly provided in books related to sustainability; find a good coverage in the book. In short, the book provides an authentic coverage of issues related to sustainability and the reviewer has no hesitation in recommending the book to graduate, postgraduate students and researchers for updating their information on sustainability. Amongst the many titles available today in the literature, this book stands out distinctly as one that is well-written and an informative text on the subject.


This review has been published in Vol. 11, No. 6,  November 2015 issue of the IJPE


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