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Reliability and Maintainability Analysis of a Robotic System for Industrial Applications: A Case Study

Volume 11, Number 5, September 2015 - Paper 5 - pp. 453-462


1. Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia, Katerini, GREECE.
2. Technological Educational Institute of Central Greece (Lamia), GREECE.

(Received on March 27, 2015, revised on June 22 and June 25, 2015)


The reliability and maintainability analysis of an automated robotic system was carried out. Descriptive statistics of failure and repair data, and the best fit of them were carried out. Furthermore, the reliability, maintainability, failure rate, and repair rate models of the robotic system were calculated. The models could prove to be a useful tool both to assess the current conditions and to predict the reliability for upgrading the operations management policies of the robotic system. It was pointed out that (a) the operating time of the robotic system was 88.22% and the remaining 11.78% of the total operating time was under repair, and (b) the failure times follow the lognormal distribution whereas the repair times comply with the loglogistic distribution. The analysis could prove to be a useful tool for manufactures of robotic systems that could improve the design and operation of the systems that they manufacture and operate.


References: 22

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