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Availability Assessment of Diesel Generator System of a Ship: A Case Study

Volume 9, Number 5, September 2013 - Paper 11 - pp. 561-567


1 University of the Aegean, Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport, Korai 2a, Chios, GREECE
2 University of the Aegean, Department of Financial and Management Engineering, Kountouriotou 41, Chios, GREECE

(Received on October 24, 2012, revised on June 04 and June 19, 2013)


The diesel generator set is one of the most critical systems for a ship’s operation. Consequently, the ship preserves four different diesel generators in addition to the power battery packs. This paper describes the generator operation and the main failure conditions. Assuming that the failure rate of the system parts is constant, the paper shows how the diesel generator system can be modelled based on Homogeneous Continuous Time Markov Chains. Actual data are given for the verification of the model, while a specific software is used for the steady-states probabilities extraction. The paper aims to show the advantages of Markov modelling in Maritime Risk Assessment compared to conventional techniques, such as Fault Trees and Event Trees, which are usually applied in risk estimation maritime studies.


References: 13

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