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Optimal Tenuring Collection Times for a Generational Garbage Collector based on Continuous Damage Model

Volume 9, Number 5, September 2013 - Paper 09 - pp. 539-550


1 School of Economics and Management, Nanjing University of Technology, 30 Puzhu Road, Nanjing 211816, China
2 Graduate School of Management and Information Sciences, Aichi Institute of Technology. 1247 Yachigusa, Yakusa-cho, Toyota 470-0392, Japan

(Received on February 06, 2013, revised on June 16, 2013)


The processing time intervals for a generational garbage collector may be ephemeral enough to consider the objects that would survive increase with time continuously according to some probabilistic law. From such a viewpoint, this paper firstly answers for the weak points of cumulative damage model whose damage is additive at discrete times. Secondly, we take up a continuous damage model and apply such model to garbage collection policies. Costs for garbage collections are estimated and two models with tenuring collection times, where tenuring collection is made at time T or at level K for random collections and at the Nth collection or at level K for periodic collections, are proposed. Four cases of optimal tenuring collection times for every model are discussed analytically and numerically, and comparisons of these policies and some useful results are given.


References: 20

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