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Reliability Assessment Using a Likelihood Ratio Test

Volume 4, Number 2, April 2008 - SC 11   - pp. 196 - 198

Huairui Guo and Adam Mettas

ReliaSoft Corporation
1450 S. Eastside Loop
Tucson, AZ, USA, 85710

(Received on November 05, 2007)


One-way ANOVA (analysis of variance) is widely used in quality engineering for quality characteristics comparison. The basic assumption in applying ANOVA is that the response is normally distributed. However, in life tests, the times to failure usually do not follow this assumption. In this paper, a method similar to the regular one-way ANOVA is proposed for reliability assessment. A generalized linear model together with a likelihood ratio test is developed. The proposed method can be used to compare the reliability of different designs. It also can be applied to study whether a factor has an effect on product life.


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