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Risk Analysis of Subway Crossing Irregular-Plate Bridge and Technical Scheme of Controllable Active Pile Underpinning

Volume 14, Number 12, December 2018, pp. 3195-3205
DOI: 10.23940/ijpe.18.12.p29.31953205

Yougang Hua,b and Ping Hea

aSchool of Civil Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, 100044, China
bBeijing MTR Construction Administration Corporation, Beijing, 100037, China

(Submitted on September 20, 2018; Revised on October 17, 2018; Accepted on November 18, 2018)


As a kind of repeated extra-static fixed point supporting structure, the irregular-plate bridge is extremely sensitive about the settlement of various pier columns. The construction risk of the subway tunnel structure crossing the irregular-plate bridge is very high, and it is necessary to research a mature design analysis method and reliable construction control measures. This paper takes Beijing Subway crossing Xinxing Irregular-plate Bridge as a case study. Firstly, it analyzes the displacement changing rules of the subway passing through the irregular-plate bridge through comparing the deformation characteristics of the irregular-plate bridge under different working conditions. Secondly, it studies the judgment standard of pile foundation underpinning and key construction control points. Finally, it combines with the control of the construction process, and analyze the underpinning and stratum reinforcement construction data. It can be concluded that only the stratum reinforcement measures cannot control the settlement of the piers located at the center of the subsidence area within a reasonable range. After adopting the scheme of the underpinning pile foundation and then excavating the tunnel, the risks are more controllable. Then, the paper puts forward key points of the pile underpinning. Finally, the improvement measures is discussed.


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