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Detailed review of:

 Reliability and Optimal Maintenance





Springer Verlag




Hongzhou Wang and Hoang Pham




Reliability and Optimal Maintenance


Year of Publication














Krishna B. Misra




Review published in IJPE, Vol. 4, No. 3, July 2008, p. 254. 

The book consists of 12 chapters as follows:

Chapter 1:


 12 Pages

Chapter 2:

Imperfect Maintenance and Dependence

 18 Pages

Chapter 3:

Maintenance Policies

 20 Pages

Chapter 4:

A Quasi-renewal Process and Its Applications

 40 Pages

Chapter 5:

Reliability and Optimal Maintenance of Series Systems with Imperfect Repair and Dependence

 20 Pages

Chapter 6:

Opportunistic Maintenance of Multi-unit Systems

 24 Pages

Chapter 7:

Optimal Preparedness Maintenance of Multi-unit Systems with Imperfect Maintenance and Economic Dependence

 16 Pages

Chapter 8:

Optimal Opportunistic Maintenance Policies of k-out-of-n Systems

 20 Pages

Chapter 9:

Reliability and Optimal Inspection-maintenance Models

 32 Pages

Chapter 10:

Warranty Cost Models with Dependence and Imperfect Repair

 56 Pages

Chapter 11:

Software Reliability, Cost and Optimization Models   

 16 Pages

Chapter 12:

Monte Carlo Reliability Simulation of Complex Systems

 20 Pages


Appendix: A1 – A3  

 14 Pages



 32 Pages



   5 Pages


Recently, some very good books on the subject of optimal maintenance policies and models have been available in the literature. This is one of them. The book provides detailed coverage of several models available in the area of imperfect maintenance, dependence,


opportunistic maintenance, and presents optimal maintenance policies for various systems. Extensive literature survey in each chapter forms a useful compendium to chapters. As can be noticed from the table of contents that the chapter on Warrantee models occupies a major part of the book and rightly so since the warrantee costs constitutes a significant part of the product overall cost. Both consumers and manufactures stand to gain from maintenance during warrantee. Economic dependence, particularly in multi-component system, may exist along with imperfect maintenance.  Software failures in modern system constitute a significant impact on the overall system reliability; the authors have covered some of the important aspects of this problem. Since the most practical method of system reliability or availability assessment is Monte Carlo simulation when other analytical methods become unwieldy or cumbersome to use, the authors have devoted some 20 pages to cover this aspect along with variance reduction techniques, which are inevitable in any simulation approach. There are very few books on reliability that attempt to discuss this in sufficient detail. Also perhaps that is why the authors have chosen the title of the book as Reliability and Optimal maintenance. Another indispensable part of this book is 32 pages list of references included by the authors which provides a reader an indication of how several new developments have taken place in this area over a period of about four decades.

The reviewer feels, this book will prove to be a good help to a graduate student or a researcher who intends to know the state-of-the-art in the area of optimal maintenance models and policies.

Krishna B. Misra

Review published in the International Journal of Performability Engineering, Vol. 4, No. 3, July 2008, p. 254.  


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