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Detailed review of:

Quality Management System Handbook
 Product Development Companies





CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group 




Vivek Nanda 




Quality Management System Handbook for Product Development Companies


Year of Publication














Krishna B. Misra

Status : Review published in IJPE, Vol. 4, No. 3, July 2008, p. 270.

The book consists of 8 chapters as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction

24 Pages

        1.1   Introduction to Quality


        1.2   Quality Management


        1.3   Quality Management System


        1.4   About this Book


Chapter 2: QMS Implementation Planning

52 Pages

        2.1   Implementation Prerequisites


        2.2   Implementation Plans


        2.3    Mechanism to Manage the Implementation


        2.4   Communication


        2.5   Motivating and Recognizing Employees


Chapter 3: QMS Documentation Planning

28 Pages

        3.1   Documentation Strategy


        3.2   Documentation Management and Control


        3.3   QMS Documentation Process


Chapter 4: Defining Organizational Processes

22 Pages

        4.1   Identify and Close Critical Quality Gaps


        4.2   Establish an Organizational Process Baseline


        4.3   Create Additional Process Documentation


        4.4   Establish A Mechanism for Process Tailoring


Chapter 5: Quality Practices

26 Pages

        5.1   Typical Product Development Process


        5.2   Quality Practices in Product Development Processes


Chapter 6: Quality Management System Refinement

8 Pages

        6.1   Verification of Complete QMS


        6.2   Validation of Complete QMS


Chapter 7: QMS Deployment

20 Pages

        7.1   Employee Training


        7.2   Monitoring Process Adherence in Real Time


        7.3   Internal Quality Audit Program


Chapter 8: Continual Improvement

16 Pages

References and Bibliography

2 Pages

Appendices  A, B, C, D, E, and F

125 Pages


6 Pages

        In recent years, the product quality improvement is generally perceived through the process improvement and management. Therefore, the necessity of a good Quality Management Systems (QMS)
assumes importance. The author of this book has had an extensive experience of working in different companies and as such had implemented at several software industries. The author brings in a wealth of information from his experience of working in different companies to this book which is well-written and explains clearly step by step implementation of various phases of a QMS in a company such as planning, refinement, and deployment starting with the definition of quality and QMS. Finally, the book emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement in product development process which is at the heart of any QMS for the company. The book makes an honest admission that the processes and related quality practices described in the book may not be applicable to all companies due to the differences in organizational structure, competence of personnel, business processes, customer's perception of quality etc.  This is an excellent book for a person who intends to gain the basics and how to go about developing a Quality Management System for a company. The reviewer recommends this book for graduate students of industrial engineering and practicing engineers who intend to know about QMS and its development in a product development company.

Krishna B. Misra

Review published in the International Journal of Performability Engineering, Vol. 4, No. 3, July 2008, p. 270.


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