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The Weighted Risk Analysis Applied for Bos & Lommer

Volume 3, Number 4, October 2007 - Paper 8  - pp. 481 - 497


Regional Authorities of Haaglanden, P.O. Box 66, 2501 CB, The Hague, The Netherlands. Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

(Received on June 26, 2006)


Safety and risk assessment are characterized by aspects, like subjectivity and objectivity. In this paper, relations between safety and risk are described. When a risk analysis is performed, it is important to realize that decision making about risks is very complex, and not only technical aspects but also economical, environmental, comfort related, political, psychological and societal acceptance are aspects that play an important role. In order to balance safety measures with aspects, such as environmental, quality, and economical aspects, a weighted risk analysis methodology is proposed in this paper. This paper also provides a theoretical background regarding the scope of safety assessment in relation to the decision-making in complex urban development projects adjacent to or above transport routes of hazardous materials. In Western Europe, such projects are realized due to shortage of space. The weighted risk analysis is an interesting tool comparing different risks, such as investments, economical losses and the loss of human lives, in one dimension (e.g. money), since both investments and risks could be expressed solely in money. Finally, the weighted risk analysis approach is applied in a case study of Bos and Lommer, Amsterdam.


References: 19

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