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Evaluating Network Robustness based on Failure Event Possibility

Volume 5, Number 4, July 2009 - Paper P8  - pp. 387 - 392


DSTO, Australia

(Received on July 04, 2008, revised March 1, 2009)


The robustness of a network is the ability to maintain a satisfactory performance level when there may be system endogenous random failures plus possible failures caused by external attacks. A new approach for determining network robustness is presented based on the difference between the possibilistic and probabilistic network dependability estimates. Both the probabilistic and possibilistic estimates are derived here using a simple approximation method proposed by von Collani [9], but with different operations for the possibility estimate in some system structures. The proposed robustness estimation method is demonstrated for a sample of network architectures.


References: 11

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