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Stochastic Analysis of A System Containing N-Redundant Robots and M-Redundant Built-in Safety Units

Volume 1, Number 2, October 2005 - Paper 7  - pp. 179 - 189

B. S. Dhillon & Zhijian Li

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6N5

(Received on October 13, 2004)


This paper presents a mathematical model to perform availability analysis of a robot-safety system having n-redundant robots and m-redundant built-in safety units with common-cause failures. The system failure rates and the partially failed system repair rates are assumed constant, and the failed system repair time is assumed arbitrarily distributed. The supplementary variable method is used to develop generalized expressions for Laplace transforms of state probabilities and system availabilities.



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