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New Approach for Electric Robot Fuzzy Reliability Analysis

Volume 3, Number 2, April 2007 - Paper 6  - pp. 257 - 266


1Department of Mathematics, I.I.T Roorkee, Roorkee - 247 667, Uttaranchal, India.
2Department of Electrical Engineering, I.I.T Roorkee, Roorkee - 247667, Uttaranchal, India

(Received on April 03, 2006)


In this paper, definition of L-R type triangular fuzzy set is extended by L-R type triangular vague set. Also Tw (the weakest t-norm) - based arithmetic operations between two L-R type triangular vague sets and vague success tree are introduced. Further a new approach has been developed for analyzing the fuzzy reliability of a series and parallel system using Tw - based arithmetic operations on L-R type triangular vague sets. For the justification of the proposed approach the fuzzy reliability of the desirable movement of an electric robot has been analyzed using the existing approaches [1, 3, 5] and the proposed approach. Comparing the results of existing approaches and the proposed approach, it has been shown that the uncertainty about the reliability is minimized using the proposed approach and the results are exact. While using the existing approaches the results are approximate due to approximate product of triangular fuzzy sets and triangular vague sets.


References: 15

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