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Global Reliability Evaluation using g-Minimal Cut Sets

Volume 5, Number 3, April 2009 - Paper 6  - pp. 251 - 258


Reliability Engineering Centre,
IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur-721303 (W. B.)

(Received on April 02, 2008, revised on October 30, 2008)


Among various measures of network reliability, an important reliability measure is the probability that all nodes of the network are connected by up-state links showing a measure that indicates the extent to which the network can be used. Spanning trees and sum-of-disjoint product approach is one of the ways of evaluating this reliability measure. The purpose of this paper is to provide a new dimension to the computation of global reliability in undirected networks by defining and using g-minimal cut sets with SDP based multi-variable inversion (MVI) technique without any requirement of complex mathematics or graph-theory concepts. These cut sets turns out to be much less than the number of spanning tress. The paper presents an algorithm to enumerate such g-minimal cut sets with an illustrative example. Besides, it provides results for several other networks to show the efficacy of the proposed approach.


References: 19

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