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Stochastic Performance Evaluation for Software System Considering NHPP Task Arrival

Volume 4, Number 1, January 2008 - Paper 5  - pp. 57 - 70


Department of Social Systems Engineering, Tottori University Minami 4-101, Koyama, Tottori-shi, 680-8552, Japan

(Received on March 10, 2006)


In this paper, we discuss the software performance evaluation method considering the real-time property. The time-dependent behavior of the software system itself alternating between up and down states is described by the Markovian software availability model. Assuming that the software system can process the multiple tasks simultaneously and that the arrival process of the tasks follows a nonhomogeneous Poisson process, we analyze the distribution of the number of tasks whose processes can be completed within a prespecified processing time limit with the infinite server queueing model. We derive several stochastic quantities for software performance measurement considering the real-time property; these are given as the functions of time and the number of debugging activities. Finally, we illustrate several numerical examples of the quantities to investigate the relationship between the software reliability/restoration characteristics and the system performance.


References: 16

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