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Vehicular Fleet Reliability Estimation: A Case Study

Volume 5, Number 3, April 2009 - Paper 4  - pp. 235 - 242


School of Management Studies,
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad-500085.

(Received on May 26, 2008, revised on November 1, 2008)


Mission reliability is the probability of successful completion for a stated mission by a group of people holding a set of a given population of equipment deployed in the prevailing operating environment. Thus, while reliability is considered for a single piece of equipment, mission reliability on the other hand is for a group of equipment having mixed vintage which could be deployed as a combined force for a mission. Public transport companies, goods transport organizations, police, paramilitary and military units maintain a large fleet of vehicles to carry out their stated missions. Estimation and prediction of mission reliability is of paramount importance for any operational success. For this purpose, reliability prediction of equipment is estimated from field failure data obtained from their history records. This paper discusses the technique of mission reliability prediction using the Weibull probability plots of identified failure distribution. The identified failure distribution is validated using Chi-Square test. It is followed by identifying the weak links in the system using Pareto Analysis.


References: 13

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