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Condition-based Vehicle Fleet Retirement Decision: A Case Study

Volume 6, Number 4, July 2010 - Paper 4  - pp. 355-362


Faculty of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, Changsha University of Science and Technology, Changsha, Hunan 410114, China

(Received on August 18, 2009, revised April 10, 2010)


The vehicle replacement decision is a multi-objective optimization problem subject to the acquisition budget and government regulation constraints. This necessitates a condition-based replacement policy. In this paper, we carry out a case study of the vehicle fleet replacement problem. Based on the field data in a vehicle fleet management system, we derive a set of condition parameters for representing the health level of a vehicle. A correlation analysis is carried out to identify key condition parameters. The identified parameters are then combined into a health index.  The index is useful for condition-based vehicle replacement decision.


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