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The New Organization of Global Firms:
From Transnational Solution to Dynamic Globalization

Volume 1, Number 2, October 2005 - Paper 3  - pp. 131 - 143

Hwy-Chang Moon

Graduate School of International Studies
Seoul National University, South Korea

(Received on January 31, 2005)


Debate over the global standardization has continued in the area of global strategic management. This paper examines underlying assumptions, criticisms, and counter-arguments on this issue. The major problem of existing studies on this topic is that they have static rather than dynamic views. The main argument of this paper is that the most challenging task of global firms is not to choose one of two strategies (i.e., standardization and customization), nor to compromise the two (i.e., transnational solution); but how to dynamically raise country specific products to the level of global products by enhancing product values that are acceptable in the global market. Global firms need new organizations to conduct this new type of global strategy.


References: 29

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