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The Process of Safety Management and Decision Making

Volume 2, Number 4, October 2006 - Paper 2  - pp. 315 - 329

Peter Kafka

Hans-Braun-Weg 5a
D-82031 Grünwald,

(Received on September 12, 2005)


The paper is focused on the programmatic description of a powerful procedure for Safety Management intended for new technical installations and complex processes. It shows elements of three different proposed documents describing this procedure and highlights advanced methods useful to perform the concurrent activities necessary. The interrelation between the meaning of safety and risk is touched as well as specific tools for probabilistic risk quantification. Finally, related standards and a large spectrum of references are given. Thus, the paper does not present R&D work in the field, it should stimulate understanding and the application of a sound procedure for safety management and the related decision making for all types of technical products, plants, installations and processes.


References: 62

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