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Performance Analysis of a Multistage Interconnection Network System Based on a Minimum Cut Set Method

Volume 4, Number 2, April 2008 - Paper 2  - pp. 111 - 120


Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand

(Received on September 17, 2007)


An interconnection network system consists of layers of switching elements connected together in a predefined topology providing the connectivity between the set of processors and the set of memory modules. Performance analysis of a network system is important as it determines the usability and the efficiency of the network to provide services.  A shuffle-exchange network (SEN), a specific type of Multistage Interconnection Network (MIN) that consists of 2x2 switching elements, has been widely considered as a practical interconnection system.  This paper presents a network reliability model based on a minimum cut set method for SEN systems.  A general equation for large-scale network reliability is derived subsequently to reduce the complexity of the reliability analysis for the interconnection network system.


References: 17

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