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Benefits and Limitations of the New Consolidated PWROG Severe Accident Management Guidance (SAMG) – A Review of Some Critical Issues

Volume 10, Number 7, November 2014 - Paper 8 - pp. 755-770


NSC Netherlands, Hansweert, The Netherlands and Vienna, Austria

(Received on February 26, 2014, revised on September 10, 2014)


After Fukushima, it was decided by the Pressurised Water Reactor Owners Group (PWROG) to merge the various approaches in Severe Accident Management Guidance (SAMG) in existence and use one single type of SAMG, which departs from the Westinghouse Owners Group approach.

There are a number of apparent positive features of this development, but the author believes there are also matters which may need further consideration, if not improvement.
This paper discusses the elements of the new approach, as have been presented during the PSA 2013 conference in Columbia, South Carolina, USA, in September 2013. This presentation was limited to the state of development of the PWROG at that time – which is also a limitation of this review.


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