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Reliability Characteristics of a Satellite Communication System including Earth Station and Terrestrial System

Volume 9, Number 6, November 2013 - Paper 08 - pp. 667-676


Department of Mathematics,
Graphic Era University Dehradun, Uttarakhand-248002, INDIA

(Received on March 10, 2013, revised on March 29 and April 18, 2013)


This paper investigates the various reliability characteristics of a satellite communication system. The complete satellite system consists of the satellite, earth station, and terrestrial system. Partial and complete failure states of the system are evaluated. The system has partially failed due to failure of the transmitter or receiver and is completely failed due to failure of the satellite or failure of terrestrial systems. All failure rates are assumed to be constant and a constant repair rate is assumed for all failures. Using Laplace transformations and Markov process theory, the transition state probabilities, availability, reliability, MTTF, cost effectiveness and sensitivity analysis of the system are determined. Particular cases and graphical illustrations are also presented.


References: 8

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