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Mapping FMEA into Bayesian Networks

Volume 7, Number 6, November 2011 - Paper 3 - pp. 525-537


Unidad Tecnologías de Diagnóstico y Predicción (Diagnosis and Prediction Technologies Unit), Fundación Tekniker- IK4, 20600 Eibar, Spain


FMEA is a useful tool that helps to find possible flaws in a system or element, mainly in the design phase. But it is a mere document that has no further ''direct'' use than the observation. Mapping all this knowledge into a Bayesian Network would make it possible to use the information in further ways, like software applications for maintenance. A good FMEA has the necessary features to build a good Bayesian Network: Bottom-up (or Top-Down) analysis of all the components and subcomponents and cause-failure-effect chains. In this paper we will detail the steps followed to create the Bayesian Network, using the FMEA of a Marine Diesel Engine, as well as the use of it in a diagnosis application that uses a set of on-line lube-oil sensors.


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