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Multiple Signals Estimation for Overlapping Nyquist Folding Receiver

Volume 14, Number 11, November 2018, pp. 2789-2797
DOI: 10.23940/ijpe.18.11.p25.27892797

Wan Zhu, Shuang Zhao, Lei Chen, and Kang Chen

School of Electronic Information Engineering, Changchun University of Science and Technology, ChangChun, 130022, China

(Submitted on August 21, 2018; Revised on September 15, 2018; Accepted on October 4, 2018)


The estimation of multiple signals across an extremely wide radio frequency bandwidth is a problem that is relevant to a large number of fields. In this paper, an overlapping division method of Nyquist Folding Receiver (NYFR) is proposed. A typical NYFR allows multiple Nyquist zones to be directly undersampled and then folded into a continuous time analog interpolation filter. The folding is achieved by undersampling the RF spectrum with a stream of signals that have different characteristics. However, the signals after modulation have a certain bandwidth that may be eliminated by the baseband filter. The overlapping structure proposed in this paper can avoid this situation. It achieves good and stable detection performance over the whole frequency band of the receiver. The NYFR folds all the signals of different Nyquist zones into the same band. The signals that belong to different Nyquist zones may cover each other. To solve this problem, the searching algorithm is presented. In the numerical results we show that, in the proposed framework, the overlapping NYFR has excellent detection performance.


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