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Meter Management System based on the Internet of Things

Volume 14, Number 8, August 2018, pp. 1857-1864
DOI: 10.23940/ijpe.18.08.p23.18571864

Zhongxing Huo, Yongjie Yang, and Yuelan Ji

School of Electronics and Information, Nantong University, Nantong, 226019, China

(Submitted on May 19, 2018; Revised on June 27, 2018; Accepted on July 29, 2018)


To realize the convenient and intelligent monitoring and management of cable manufacturers’ production lines, this paper designs a set of meter management systems based on the Internet of things that can replace artificial monitoring cable production. The system uses the STM32 processor of the ARM kernel as its core, and it combines embedded technology, wireless communication technology, Internet of things technology, 485 bus technology, and upper computer software technology. The system includes the front-end signal processing equipment, the Internet of things server, and the client software, which can respectively realize the information collection and automatic control of the cable production line, real-time transmission of production data under the MQTT protocol, and storage and graphical display of production data. The system was tested in the factory and proved the timeliness of the control of the production line, the real-time nature of the data transmission, and the practicality of the client software, which plays a great role in the modernization of the traditional factory.


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