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Vibration Response Based Reliability Modeling for Rotor Systems with Imbalance

Volume 12, Number 3, May 2016 - Paper 7  - pp. 283-296


Reliability Engineering Center, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur – 721 302, INDIA

(Received on April 2, 2016; Revised on April 19, 2016)


Imbalance in rotor systems generates dynamic forces, especially at high rotational speeds. This hypothesis is known to engineers, but how it actually affects the reliability is not established. In this research work a vibration based experimental method is proposed to relate imbalance in terms of vibration amplitude and reliability. A stress-strength interference approach together with a simulation-based methodology is used for modeling and analysis of this complex relationship. The paper also proposes a method for establishing the safe and critical limits of imbalance and rotational speed for achieving the specified reliability targets. Thus the concepts can be effectively used in industrial machinery for controlling the level of imbalance of a rotor designed to operate at a specified rotational speed.


References: 20

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