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Reliability of Aircraft Fleet: Binary p-set and Lambda-set Functions

Volume 12, Number 3, May 2016 - Paper 2  - pp. 215-228


Riga Technical University, Lomonosova 1, Riga, LATVIA.

(Received on January 22, 2016; Revised on April 10, 2016)


Definitions of binary p-set and binary λ-set functions are given. The use of these definitions allows for any unknown parameter of the model of fatigue failure of aircraft to provide the economical effectiveness of an airline under a limitation of the fatigue failure rate (FFR) and the limitation of any fatigue failure probability of (FFP) in a fleet of aircraft . The solution of the problem using theory of semi-Markov process with rewords is based on a result of an acceptance full-scale fatigue test of an aircraft structure. For this case the maximum of FFP and the maximum of FFR can be limited for any unknown parameter


References: 7

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