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Performance Evaluation of a Cloud Service Considering Hierarchical Failure Recovery

Volume 12, Number 2, March 2016 - SC 60 pp. 197-200


School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu 611731, P.R. China

(Received on August 17, 2015; Revised on November 22 and December 8, 2015)


In realistic scenarios of cloud computing, performance of a cloud service is indeed a random variable due to random resource failures. To make more precise evaluation, the random change of performance caused by resource failures and subsequent recovery should be captured. In this paper, we consider a cloud system that has a hierarchical failure recovery mechanism consisting of three typical kinds of repair. A theoretical modeling approach is presented to evaluate the performance metric that captures both service time of virtual machines (VM) and parse time of the cloud controller (CC) to ensure high fidelity. Numerical examples are illustrated.


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