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A Key Distribution Scheme for Distributed Group with Authentication Capability

Volume 8, Number 2, March 2012 - Paper 8 - pp. 199-212


1 Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN, USA
2 University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE, USA

(Received on December 22, 2010, revised on March 17 and April 4, 2011)


Group key management (GKM) is one of the most important issues in secure group communication (SGC). The existing GKM protocols fall into three typical classes:  centralized group key distribution (CGKD), decentralized group key management (DGKM), and distributed/contributory group key agreement (CGKA). Serious problems remains in these protocols, as they require existence of central trusted entities (such as group controller or subgroup controllers), relaying of messages (by subgroup controllers), or strict member synchronization (for multiple round stepwise key agreement), thus suffering from the single point of failure and attack, performance bottleneck, or misoperations in the situation of transmission delay or network failure. We proposed a new class of GKM protocols: distributed group key distribution (DGKD) [1]. The new DGKD protocol solves the above problems and surpasses the existing GKM protocols in terms of simplicity, efficiency, scalability, and robustness. In this paper, we extend the conference paper [1] with detailed experiments and discussions. Also based on DGKD, we propose a new distributed dynamic conferencing scheme which enforces group/conference membership management. Due to its distributed feature without the requirement of a central control, the proposed scheme is well suited in wireless networks such as Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs).


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