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Managing the Transition to a Sustainable Enterprise

(Lessons from Frontrunner Companies)




Routledge, U.K.




Rob van Tulder, Rob van Tilburg, Mara Francken and Andrea da Rosa




Managing the Transition to a Sustainable Enterprise (Lessons from Frontrunner Companies)


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Krishna B. Misra




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The book consists of the following 9 chapters followed by Acknowledgements, Foreword and Summary:'


Part I; Setting the Stage


Chapter 1

Introduction: the logic of sustainable enterprise

15 Pages

Chapter 2

Delineating sustainable enterprise


Part II: Theory and   Concept


Chapter 3

The business case for sustainable enterprise and the state of scientific knowledge on tipping points

40 Pages

Chapter 4

Transition to a sustainable enterprise

29 Pages

Chapter 5

Collaborative sustainable enterprise: The increasing importance of stakeholders

23 Pages

Part III: Practices


Chapter 6

Departing the inactive phase

39 Pages

Chapter 7

From reactive towards active

29 Pages

Chapter 8

Moving towards the proactive phase

25 Pages

Part IV: The Future

Chapter 9

Back to the future

13 Pages

Epilogue -A word of thanks

02 Pages

Appendix 1: Golden tips

02 pages

Appendix 2: Partners in dialogue for companies studied

02 pages


06 Pages


094 Pages


978-0-415-71612-3Sustainable enterprise is not a luxury but a necessity today and this book shows how sustainability within a company can be implemented. But there are very few books which explain how it can be done systematically? Starting with the explanation of the notion of a sustainable enterprise, the book emphasizes that an enterprise embracing sustainability assumes its responsibility towards people, planet and profit and tries to answer such questions like what the company is doing and what it should do and finally what it can do? Therefore, the book addresses a very practical and most challenging task in 21st Century of implementing sustainability concepts in an enterprise. The authors of the book present scientific analyses and qualitative and quantitative research involving 20 leading companies of the Netherlands, which have found their own pathway to adopt sustainability concepts in practice. Since stakeholders are the ears and eyes of a society, a company must accord the expectations of stakeholders a place of importance in formulating the sustainability management and pathway to a sustainable enterprise. The analysis conducted is based on the surveys of employees' responses and interviews with the members of board of directors of these companies. In the initial chapters besides providing the state-of-the-art research, the book addresses a business case for good sustainability policies can contribute to company's financial performance and its continuity and standing. The path to sustainable enterprise is a trajectory and the companies go through distinct phases characterized by company's attitude towards sustainability. Management embarking on sustainability initiative should first assess the phase the company is in and may decide which initiatives will help accelerate the process, keeping stakeholders in the loop. Of course the initial initiatives can be to improve the efficiency or freedom to do business, with environmental managements systems, improved trade flexibility with licenses covering essential operations or energy saving projects, etc.

In short, the book would help a sustainability student and a manager to study various problems of treading the pathway to sustainability more scientifically, while presenting the relevant business models and associated transitional problems with ample illustrations.


- Krishna B Misra


Review published in the International Journal of Performability Engineering in Vol. 10, No. 4, June, 2014

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