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Detailed review of:

Maintenance for Industrial Systems




Springer - Verlag, London Limited



Riccardo Manzini, Alberto Regattieri, Hoang Pham and Emilio Ferrari



Maintenance for Industrial Systems

Year of Publication











Krishna B. Misra



Review published in IJPE, Vol. 6, No. 3, May 2010, p. 278.


The book consists of 12 chapters as follows:


Chapter 1

A New Framework for Productivity in Production Systems

16 Pages

Chapter 2

Quality Management Systems and Statistical Quality Control

36 Pages

Chapter 3

Safety and Risk Assessment

11 Pages

Chapter 4

Introduction to Maintenance in Production Systems

21 Pages

Chapter 5

Basic Statistics and Introduction to Reliability

46 Pages

Chapter 6

Reliability Evaluation and Reliability Prediction Models

56 Pages

Chapter 7

Maintenance Information System and Failure Rate Prediction

29 Pages

Chapter 8

Effects Analysis and Reliability Modelling of Complex Production Systems

94 Pages

Chapter 9

Basic Models and Methods for Maintenance of Production Systems

83 Pages

Chapter 10

Advanced Maintenance Modeling

12 Pages

Chapter 11

Spare Parts Forecasting and Management

24 Pages

Chapter 12

Applications and Case Studies

30 Pages

Appendix A:

43 Pages


07 Pages


05 Pages


9781848825758The title of this book is misnomer. This book is useful not only to maintenance engineers as is being claimed but to other engineers as well. In fact the reviewer feels that the title could have been as well a Handbook of System Dependability as the book covers not only system maintenance but also topics like quality management systems, statistical quality control, reliability, safety and risk assessment etc.. The authors have tried to cover several topics that can be called as part of system dependability as per the definition given in the Handbook of Performability Engineering1. As is evident from the table of contents, the chapters on reliability (chapter 5, 6 and 8, totaling to 196 pages), form the major portion of the book roughly 41 % of the book, whereas the chapters on maintenance sum up to 35 % of the book. Chapter 4 lays down the basic aspects of maintenance engineering. One can argue that reliability, maintenance or maintainability, safety and quality are all related topics but why then book is called maintenance for industrial systems, in particular. The title appears to be related to the work that authors have been involved in. It is difficult for the reviewer to appreciate the sequencing of the chapters. Chapter 7 should have followed the chapter 4 thereafter chapters 9, 10-12 in that sequence. Notwithstanding the above criticism, the treatment of the subject matter has width as well as depth. The book covers a wide area of modeling and is quite informative and as such the book should serve as a guide to the beginners or engineering students who would like to know various aspects of modeling for dependability in a compact form. The reviewer feels that the book can serve as good source of information on system dependability modeling. The chapter on case studies contains two case studies and is definitely valuable, however, it should have included more number of case studies on maintenance aspect (as the title of the book suggests) than given in the book and should be complete in treatment including various aspects of maintenance modeling, analysis and solution techniques.


Krishna B. Misra


Review published in the International Journal of Performability Engineering in Vol. 6 , No. 3, May , 2010, p. 278.


1 Handbook of Performability Engineering, Edited by Krishna B. Misra, Springer Verlag, London, 2008.

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