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Calculating the Material Input per Service Unit using the Ecoinvent Database

Volume 10, Number 4, June 2014 - Paper 3 - pp. 357-366


Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, Döppersberg 19, 42103 Wuppertal, GERMANY

(Received on Sept.07, 2013, revised on Oct. 21, and Oct. 25, 2013 and finally on Feb. 25, 2014)


The availability of life cycle inventories is one of the biggest challenges for life cycle wide environmental assessment. There are several life cycle assessment (LCA) databases providing inventory data as well as resource and emission profiles of processes for impact assessment methods like ReCiPe or IMPACT 2002+. But the use of these LCA databases for input oriented environmental assessment is very limited as they cover only a part of all relevant input flows. The paper describes current challenges when calculating the input oriented Material Input per Service Unit (MIPS) indicators based on LCA inventory data from the Ecoinvent database. Propositions are made how to address these challenges. As a conclusion, further need of research to reach a full compatibility of LCA databases and the MIPS concept is pointed out.


References: 26

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