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Review of Systems Defense and Attack Models

Volume 8, Number 4, July 2012 - Paper 2 - pp. 355 - 366


1 Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Stavanger, Norway
2 The Israel Electric Corporation Ltd, Israel

(Received on September 14, 2011 and revised on May 19, 2012)


This review paper classifies 129 published papers according to the system structure, defense measures, and attack tactics and circumstances. System structure is further divided into single element, series systems, parallel systems, series-parallel systems, networks, multiple elements, interdependent systems, and other types of systems. Defense measures are divided into separation of system elements, redundancy, protection, multilevel defense, false targets deployment and preventive strike. Attack tactics and circumstances are divided into attack against single element, attack against multiple elements, consecutive attacks, random attack, combination of intentional and unintentional impacts, incomplete information, and variable resources. The classification is intended to give an overview of the field and implicitly suggest future areas of research.


References: 129

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