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Software Reliability Qualification Model

Volume 8, Number 4, July 2012 - Paper 10 - pp. 437-446


1 Centre for Reliability, Dr.VSI Estate, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai -600041
2 Department of Computer Science, Pondicherry Univeristy, Puducherry, India
3 School of Computer Science, Anna University, Chennai, India

(Received on November 18, 2010, revised on July 22, 2011 and February 27, 2012)


Present software development process provides the developer, flexibility through functional programming technique to embed the third party objects into their software product in order to cut down the unnecessary duplication of coding. The existing models for estimation of software reliability are based on past failure data and whenever the software developer aims to estimate the reliability of the software product, it is compounded with the lack of past failure data of the third party objects, resulting in the loss of accuracy on the estimation process results incomplete estimation. The SRQM model proposed is used to predict the reliability of the frozen software packages based on actual usage testing. Also SRQM introduced the cell based modeling of an application.  Using this cell based modeling the developer can point out which part of the application needs reliability improvement to meet the user requirements and also set criteria to qualify a product for the reliability requirements.


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