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Reliability Prediction for Input-Output Cards of Distributed Control Systems in Power Plants

Volume 10, Number 1, January 2014 - Paper 12 - pp. 115-118


Corporate R&D, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited,Hyderabad, INDIA

(Received on March 28, 2013, revised on May 08, and September 04, 2013)


Distributed control systems in power plants are the latest trends to optimize and control performance. Reliability prediction of input-output components of distributed control systems have a key role to play in the power plant scenario. Triple modular redundancy is a means of increasing reliability of systems. Triple modular redundancy of three modules each containing m cards is studied in this paper. Also, in this paper the reliability of analog input card, digital output card and analog output card are predicted with triple modular redundancy and 128 cards/dpu and standby redundancy (1 out of 2). The results of triple modular redundancy as against standby redundancy are compared for different mission times.


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