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An Intuitionistic Fuzzy Methodology for Component-Based Software Reliability Optimization

Volume 8, Number 1, January 2012 - Paper 5 - pp. 67-76


1 DTU Informatics, Richard Petersens Plads, 2800, Lyngby, Denmark
2 DTU Informatics, Richard Petersens Plads, 2800, Lyngby, Denmark
3 City University London, UNESCO Chair in Information and Communication Engineering, London, U.K.; University of Oradea, UNESCO       
   Department (Head of), Oradea, Romania

(Received on December 18, 2010, revised on August 18, 2011)


Component-based software development is the current methodology facilitating agility in project management, software reuse in design and implementation, promoting quality and productivity, and increasing the reliability and performability. This paper illustrates the usage of intuitionistic fuzzy degree approach in modelling the quality of entities in imprecise software reliability computing in order to optimize management results. Intuitionistic fuzzy optimization algorithms are proposed to be used for complex software systems reliability optimization under various constraints.


References: 18

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