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Introduction to Quality and Reliability Engineering



Springer Verlag, Berlin & Science Press, Beijing



Introduction to Quality and Reliability Engineering

 Author  Renyan Jiang

Year of Publication











Krishna B. Misra



Review Complete

The book comprises 17 chapters, organized under four parts and is preceded by a Preface and four pages Abbreviations.


Part I: Background Materials



Chapter 1


09 Pages


Chapter 2

Engineering Activities in Product Life Cycle

15 Pages


Chapter 3

Fundamentals of Reliability

23 Pages


Chapter 4

Distribution Models

16 Pages


Chapter 5

Statistical Methods for Lifetime Data Analysis

22 Pages


Chapter 6

Reliability Modelling of Reparable Systems

21 Pages


Part II: Product Quality and Reliability in Pre-manufacturing Phase


Chapter 7

Product Design and Design for X

15 Pages

Chapter 8

Design Techniques for Quality

18 Pages


Chapter 9

Design Techniques for Reliability

22 Pages


Chapter 10

Reliability Testing and Data Analysis

24 Pages


Chapter 11

Reliability Growth Process and Data Analysis

25 Pages


Part III: Product Quality and Reliability in Manufacturing Phase



Chapter 12

Product Quality Variations and Control Strategies

14 Pages


Chapter 13

Quality Control at Input

15 Pages


Chapter 14

Statistical Process Control

16 Pages


Chapter 15

Quality Control at Output

14 Pages


Part IV: Product Quality and Reliability in Post-manufacturing Phase



Chapter 16

Product Warranty

19 Pages


Chapter 17

Maintenance Decision Optimization

24 Pages




Although, there have been numerous books available in the literature on the subject in past four or five decades but this is a good introductory book on Quality and Reliability Engineering. The subject of Quality and Reliability is actually intertwined and the author has done very well to present the subject keeping in view the various phases of product life cycle activities in a comprehensive and integrated manner by classifying the activities into three major categories, namely, the pre-manufacturing, manufacturing and the post-manufacturing phases. A reader will find all that is essential for him or her to know about the models, techniques and analyses for knowing and solving quality and reliability engineering problems from this book.

The author is a professor at Changsha University of Science and Technology, China and after receiving his Ph.D. at University of Queensland, Australia, has done extensive research and teaching in the area and has held visiting appointments at City University of Hong Kong, University of Saskatchewan, and University of Toronto.

The author’s research association with several well-known authors (who have produced classical books in the area), such as, Professor D.N.P. Murthy of University of Queensland, Professor Andrew K.S. Jardine of Toronto University, etc., is clearly reflected in the book while presenting various chapters in this book. In fact, out of a total of 169 total references cited in the book, his own 39 papers with others or alone and 29 papers of Professor Murthy find citation in the book. The book will be found useful for engineering students, practicing engineers, researchers, and scientists.


This review has been published in Vol. 11, No. 6,  November 2015 issue of the IJPE


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