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Innovation of E-Commerce Terminal Express Cooperative Distribution based on Big Data Platform

Volume 15, Number 3, March 2019, pp. 977-986
DOI: 10.23940/ijpe.19.03.p27.977986

Zhipeng Chua and Ping Yub

aNingbo Institute of Finance and Economics, Ningbo, 315175, China
bSchool of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Changchun Institute of Technology, Changchun, 130012, China

(Submitted on November 6, 2018; Revised on December 5, 2018; Accepted on January 2, 2019)


In order to strengthen the logistics distribution ability at the end of e-commerce, it is necessary to study the co-delivery collaborative delivery method of e-commerce. When the current delivery method is used to deliver the courier at the end of the e-commerce, the distribution takes a long time to meet the distribution requirements of the user, and there is a problem of low distribution efficiency and low customer satisfaction. On the basis of the big data platform, an e-commerce end express co-delivery distribution method is proposed. By calculating the inventory cost, fixed investment cost, storage cost and operation cost, the total cost of the distribution center is coordinated, and the lowest total cost is selected as the distribution center. The distribution time range is analyzed by the concept of time window to obtain a penalty function. According to the penalty function, the path optimization model of e-commerce end express delivery is established. According to the path optimization model, the optimal route of collaborative delivery is obtained, and the coordinated delivery of the e-commerce end express is completed. The experimental results show that the proposed method has high distribution efficiency and high customer satisfaction.


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