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High Integrity Systems and Safety Management in Hazardous Industries



Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam



High Integrity Systems and Safety Management in Hazardous Industries

 Author  J. R. Thomson

Year of Publication











Krishna B. Misra



Review Complete

The book comprises 18 chapters, preceded by About the Author and a Preface. The Chapters are arranged under three parts and are followed by two Appendices.


Chapter 1


07 Pages


Part 1 : High-Integrity Safety Instrumented Systems



Chapter 2

The Design of High-Integrity Instrumentation and Control ( I& C) Systems for Hazardous Plant Control and Protection

34 Pages


Chapter 3

Cyber Security, Cyber-Attack and Cyber-Espionage

09 Pages


Chapter 4

The Human Machine Interface

19 Pages


Chapter 5

Some Case Studies of Software and Microprocessor Failures

10 Pages


Chapter 6

Managing the Safety of Aging I&C Equipment

11 Pages


Part 2 : Historical Overview High-Integrity Technologies



Chapter 7

Learning from Ignorance: A Brief History of Pressure Vessel Integrity and Failures

27 Pages

Chapter 8

The Second Industrial Revolution-A Brief History of Computing

10 Pages


Part 3 : Safety Management



Chapter 9

Introduction: Organization and Safety Culture

15 Pages


Chapter 10

Management Systems to Prevent or Mitigate Accidents

20 Pages


Chapter 11

The Human Factor

10 Pages


Chapter 12

Hydrocarbon Processing

15 Pages


Chapter 13

Offshore Oil and Gas : Piper Alpha and Mumbai High

13 Pages


Chapter 14


32 Pages


Chapter 15

Chernobyl and Fukushima

27 Pages


Chapter 16

Toxic Releases

06 Pages


Chapter 17

Tragedies of the Commons

12 Pages


Chapter 18


15 Pages


Appendix 1: Experience and Judgement

13 Pages


Appendix 2: Roger Boisjoly, the Challenger Accident, and Whistle Blowing

07 Pages



12 Pages



The author of this book is an independent consultant, specializing in high integrity systems and safety management and in the area of plant operations management, engineering management and safety management, and he has held executive director posts in two international safety consultancies.

9780128019962-high-integrity-systemsThis book makes an interesting reading for all engineers who deal with hardware and software and highlights that in spite of best efforts, failures do occur in all industrial products and systems which are complex and require high integrity. The  examples cites in the book covers  range from space vehicles, nuclear reactors and plants, commercial and military aircrafts, high-end automobiles, boilers, refineries, Oil and Gas exploration, and chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The case studies presented are wide-ranging, informative and worth knowing for an engineer, who may be required to design, maintain or operate such systems. However, the objective of the book is to discuss the engineering management of hazardous industries in general. The book provides an overview of design standards and processes for high integrity systems, safety management and discusses best practices in design, operations, maintenance and regulation. This book is useful to all engineering students and researchers, managers and designers and plant engineers.


This review has been published in Vol. 11, No. 5,  September 2015 issue of the IJPE


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