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Volume 13 - 2017

No.4 July 2017
No.4 July 2017
No.5 September 2017
No.5 September 2017
No.7 November 2017
No.7 November 2017

Volume 12 - 2016

Volume 11 - 2015

Volume 10 - 2014

Volume 9 - 2013

Volume 8 - 2012

Volume 7 - 2011

Volume 6 - 2010

Volume 5 - 2009

Volume 4 - 2008

Volume 3 - 2007

Volume 2 - 2006

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An Analysis Tool Towards Fault Tolerance Systems based on AADL Error Model

Wenbing Zhang, Guohua Shen, Zhiqiu Huang, Zhibin Yang, Lei Xue

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Development of Lighting Control System for Smart Hotel Rooms

Jiajia Feng, Yongjie Yang, Hongming Shen, Zhitian Cai

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A Method for Segmenting Uyghur Symbols

Xiangwei Qi, Yong Yang, Weimin Pan

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