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Handbook of Performability Engineering

Book Performance Report 2014

June 2015

Dear Krishna B. Misra,

We would like to provide you with an overview of how your book has been performing on the market. Because eBooks have become well established among academic and corporate scientists, this report concentrates on the electronic version of your publication.

hand-book-of-performability-engineering 2008, vliii+1316 pages

Your eBook has been available from SpringerLink, which provides readers with access to millions of scientific documents from journals, books, series, protocols and reference works. All types of publications are interconnected and are fully indexed and searchable to chapter level. Users can choose how they wish to access content: Springer eBooks can be delivered and utilized on a wide array of mobile and desktop devices. Users who do not have full text access can view parts of an eBook through the free LookInside service.

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Since its online publication there has been a total of 175,079 chapter downloads for your book on SpringerLink. The table at the bottom shows the download figures for the last year(s).

Year      Chapter Downloads
2014 84.102
2013    56,118
2012    6,049
2011    7,921
2010 8,119
2009 9,580
2008 3,190


This means your book was one of the top 25% most downloaded eBooks in the relevant Springer eBook Collection.

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As you can see, in addition to the print book, the electronic version reaches a broad readership and provides increased visibility for your work. This is especially noticeable in the long run: statistical data show that the usage of electronic publications remains stable for years after publication, so this is what you can expect for your book in the years to come.


Spreading the word about your book

To present your book Handbook of Performability Engineering to its potential readers and make it findable by search engines, it has its own home page, which can be shared through social media and where you can download a flyer for your book! In 2014 this page was visited 380 times.


A Communication from springer verlag, london

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  • Journal editors, journalists or bloggers can request a free Online Review Copy of your book from your book's home page. This online service makes it easy for these reviewers to read and review your book. As you know, reviews can be an excellent way to boost a book's visibility in the relevant communities and raise reader interest!

From the reviews:

From the reviews:

The 100 international contributors to this book's 76 chapters provide depth and considerable diversity to the subject... Each chapter can be read independently and includes careful definitions and reviews of major topics and good descriptions of main methods... The editor's philosophy is to provide all engineers "with a wider vision of the requirement of sustainable and dependable products, systems, and services in the 21st century." This book provides a guide and reference for many of the engineering tools needed to accomplish this... Recommended.


Choice (August 2009) (Reviewer: S. A. Batterman, University of Michigan)

"The reader has a veritable garden from which to feast from this impressive collection of chapters."


Dr William Vesely, Manager, Risk Assessment, Office of Safety and Mission Assurance, NASA

"Clearly covers the entire canvas of performability: quality, reliability, maintainability, safety and sustainability."


Way Kuo, Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Reliability, President, City University of Hong Kong

Formally Dean of Engineering and University Distinguished Professor, University of Tennessee

"The book should be of interest for reliability researchers or instructors that need some additional material--such as examples or new trends--for intensive courses given in reliability engineering. ... the technical content is impressive and the vast diversity of areas covered can be perceived as its greatest advantage; it enables, for instance, networking reliability experts to get acquainted with the mechanics of software reliability, which can be quite inspiring." (Piotr Cholda, ACM Computing Reviews, March, 2009)

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