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4 thInternational Conference on Prognostics and Health Management

September 8-11,2013, Milan , Italy

This Conference aims exchanging ideas on the state of the art in PHM research and applications.

The topics of Interest are:

-Health Monitoring, Fault Detection, Fault Diagnostics, Fault Prognotics

-Data-driven PHM Methods, Model-based PHM Methods, Hybrid PHM Methods

-Uncertainty in PHM

-System Level PHM, Structural PHM, Component-level PHM, Design and Integration of PHM Systems

-Verification, Validation and Maturation of PHM Systems, Cost Analysis of PHM

-Standards for PHM

-Advanced Sensors, DatProcessing, Signal Processing, Vibration Analysis

-Condition Based Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Maintenance Decision Support

-Human and Oganizational Factors in Maintenance

-Reliability Prediction, Physics of Failure, Simulation and Optimization

The areas of Applications include:

-Aeronautics, Aerospace, Automotive, Railways, Maritime Industry

-Electronics, Information Technology and Telecommunications

-Manufacturing, Chemical and Process industry, Oil & Gas, Nuclear Industry and Structural engineering

Important Dates

Submision of Abstracts:  October 23, 2012                                                         

Acceptance of Abstract: November 23, 2012

Submission of Full Paper: January 23, 2013                                                            

Acceptance/Rejection :March 23,2013

Final Revised manuscript Submission: May 23, 2013

General Chair: Professor Enrico Zio, Politechnico di Milano, Italy

Secretariat: Phone: +39-02-70608276. Fax: +39-02-70639402, Email:


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