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Exploring Engineering: An Introduction to Engineering and Design (Fourth Edition )



Academic Press, London



The Role of Colloidal Systems in Environmental Protection

 Authors  Philip Kosky, Robert Balmer, William Keat, and George Wise

Year of Publication


2016,2013, 2010, 2006









Krishna B. Misra



Review Complete

The book comprises 30 chapters, preceded by a Preface and Acknowledgements. The Chapters are arranged under three parts.

Part 1 : Lead-on



Chapter 1

What Engineers do

17 Pages


Chapter 2

Elements of Engineering

33 Pages


Chapter 3

Force and Motion

20 Pages


Chapter 4


09 Pages


Chapter 5

Engineering Economics

11 Pages


Part 2 : Minds-on



Chapter 6

Aeronautical Engineering

16 Pages

Chapter 7

Chemical Engineering

18 Pages

Chapter 8

Civil Engineering

27 Pages


Chapter 9

Computer Engineering

22 Pages


Chapter 10

Electrical Engineering

20 Pages


Chapter 11

Industrial Engineering

27 Pages


Chapter 12

Manufacturing Engineering

30 Pages


Chapter 13

Materials Engineering

21 Pages


Chapter 14

Mechanical Engineering

23 Pages


Chapter 15

Nuclear Engineering

20 Pages


Chapter 16


16 Pages


Chapter 17

Electrochemical Engineering

20 Pages


Chapter 18

Green Energy Engineering

21 Pages


Part 3 : Hand-on



Chapter 19

Introduction to Engineering Design

07 Pages


Chapter 20

Design Teams

10 Pages


Chapter 21

Design Step 1: Defining the Problem

06 Pages


Chapter 22

Design Step 2: Generation of Alternative Concepts

13 Pages


Chapter 23

Design Step 3: Evaluation of Alternatives and Selection of a Concept

16 Pages


Chapter 24

Design Step 4: Detailed Design

15 Pages


Chapter 25

Design Step 5: Design Defense

04 Pages


Chapter 26

Design Step 6: Manufacturing and Testing

12 Pages


Chapter 27

Design Step 7: Performance Evaluation

03 Pages


Chapter 28

Design Step 8: Design Report

05 Pages


Chapter 29

Examples of Design Competitions

16 Pages


Chapter 30

Closing Remarks on the Important Role of Design Projects

01 Pages



13 Pages


exploring-engineering978-0-12-801242-0-The book is definitely an invaluable asset for a fresher who intends to take up engineering as his profession in life. Starting with what engineers are expected do, the book identifies what engineers in various 11specilities are expected deal with in the respective professions besides qualifying who can be called as a “good” engineer and what are the professional duties, responsibilities that an engineer should share and ethics he/she should follow. The book can be called an encyclopedia of engineering profession. Enumerating the challenges that engineers in 21st Century will have to meet, the book states the 14 Grand challenges and emphasizes the role of engineers in creating innovative designs of systems in 21st Century and introduces various new developments. The book surveys and introduces the engineering profession, emphasizing the fundamental physical, chemical, and material bases for all engineering work.  This book makes an interesting reading for all fresh students interested to take up engineering profession as their career in their life ahead. Chapters on emerging area of engineering, including Bioengineering and Green Energy Engineering and discussions of Design for Six Sigma introduced in the design process makes it in tune with time. The popularity of the book can be judged by the fact that the book is running into its fourth edition and the reviewers recommends it for all freshman undergraduate students entering 4-year engineering degree programs.


This review has been published in Vol. 11, No. 6,  November 2015 issue of the IJPE


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