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Emerging Nanotechnologies for Manufacturing



Elsevier, Amsterdam



Waqar Ahmed, and Mark J. Jackson



Emerging Nanotechnologies for Manufacturing

Year of Publication


2015 (Second Edition)









Krishna B. Misra



Review Completed


The book comprises 17 chapters preceded by a Preface, and the List of Contributors as follows:


Chapter 1

Nanotechnology to Nanomanufacturing

13 Pages

Chapter 2

Gas Phase Nanofication: A strategy to Impart Fast Response in Sensors

39 Pages

Chapter 3

Advanced Characterization Techniques for Nanostructures

33 Pages

Chapter 4

Non-Lithographic Techniques for Nanostructuring of Thin films and Bulk Surfaces

39 Pages

Chapter 5

Engineered Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Devices

32 Pages

Chapter 6

Upconverting Florescent Nanoparticles for Biological Applications

15 Pages

Chapter 7

Micro-and Nanomachining

27 Pages

Chapter 8

Design of Experiments: A Key to Innovation in Nanotechnology

25 Pages

Chapter 9

Environmental and Occupational Health Issues with Nanoparticles

15 Pages

Chapter 10

Commercialization of Nanotechnologies: Technology Transfer from University Research Laboratories

09 Pages

Chapter 11

Fabrication of Hydrogel Micropatterns by Soft Photolithography

15 Pages

Chapter 12

Nanocrystalline Diamond for RF-MEMS Applications

25 Pages

Chapter 13

Analysis of the Effects of Micromachining using Nanostructured Cutting Tools

24 Pages

Chapter 14

Metal Oxide Nanopowder

59 Pages

Chapter 15

Some Approaches to Large-Scale Manufacturing of Liposomes

16 Pages

Chapter 16

Nanocoatings in Medicine: Antiquity and Modern Times

26 Pages

Chapter 17

Smart Precursors for Smart Nanoparticles

95 Pages


13 Pages


As is known by now, Nanotechnology is research and technology development at atomic, molecular or micromolecular level in the length scale of approximately 1-100 nm. It is truly multidisciplinary field and has found applicatiions in chemistry, physics biology, engineering, 9780323289900-nanotechelectronics, material science etc. Fuel cells, stronger materials, nanobiological devices, molecular electronics, quantum devices, carbon nanotubes have been produced at the next level of integration. Both top-down and bottom up approaches have been used. The top-down approach is used to fabricate of device structure using monolithic processing at nanoscale. The bottom-up approach uses fabrication of device structure involving systematic assembly of atoms, molecules. This is the process which nature uses to repair cells, tissues, organs of living beings. Considerable developments have taken place world over in applications of nanotechnology in the manufacturing large scale devices and products in very many areas. Nanotechnology incidentally is a clean technology and therefore is the future technology for manufacturing devices and products. Like any new technology, nanotechnology also entails certain risk and must be pursued in specific areas,

This is an edited book with contributions from well-known 38 leading authors which discusses existing and emerging nanotechnologies in key sectors such as medicine, advanced materials, energy, and electronics with applications of nanotechnology in these areas. In this second edition of the book, the chapters have been updated and expanded to cover emerging Nanotechnologies and latest developments in nanotechnologies for manufacturing and to cover new developments such as nanosupension and nanocarriers in the medical fields, with applications in drug delivery systems. New chapters on graphene and smart precursors for novel nanomaterials are also included in this edition.

This book can serve as an excellent guide to R&D scientists and engineers and entrepreneurs besides benefiting engineers, scientists and technical managers working in manufacturing sectors particularly in medicine, electronics, advanced materials, energy, and agriculture areas.

- Krishna B. Misra


This review is published in Vol.11, No. 3 May 2015 Issue of IJPE

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