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Assessing and Measuring Environmental Impact and Sustainability



Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam



Assessing and Measuring Environmental Impact and Sustainability

 Editor  Jirí Jaromír Klemeš

Year of Publication











Krishna B. Misra



Review Complete

The book comprises 15 chapters, preceded by a List of Contributors, Preface, Acknowledgement and an Introduction of 25 pages. The book comprises 15 chapters, preceded by a List of Contributors, Preface, Acknowledgement and an Introduction of 25 pages.


Chapter 1

Engineering Sustainability

24 Pages


Chapter 2

Recent Developments in the Application of Fisher Information to Sustainable Environmental Management

48 Pages


Chapter 3

Sustainable Process Index

14 Pages


Chapter 4

Moving to a Decision Point in Sustainability Analyses

43 Pages


Chapter 5

Overview of Environmental Footprints

63 Pages


Chapter 6

N Footprint and the Nexus between C and N Footprints

26 Pages


Chapter 7

The Water Footprint of Industry

34 Pages

Chapter 8

Life Cycle Sustainability Aspects of Microalgal Biofuels

22 Pages


Chapter 9

Methods and Tools for Sustainable Chemical Process Design



Chapter 10

Life Cycle Assessment as a Comparative Analysis Tool for Sustainable Brownfield Redevelopment Projects: Cumulative Energy Demand and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

43 Pages


Chapter 11

The Environmental Performance Strategy Map: An Integrated Life Cycle Assessment Approach to Support the Strategic Decision-Making Process

42 Pages


Chapter 12

Green Supply Chain toward Sustainable Industry Development

41 Pages


Chapter 13

Supply and Demand Planning and Management Tools toward Low Carbon Emission

27 Pages


Chapter 14

Setting a Policy for Sustainability: The Importance of Measurement

18 Pages


Chapter 15

Sustainability Assessment of Buildings, Communities and Cities

49 Pages



13 Pages



This is an edited book with contributions from 33 distinguished authors and the Editor is the Head of the Centre 9780127999685-assessing-measuringfor Process Integration and Intensification at the University of Pannonia, Hungary.  This is one of the books, which is closely linked with the scope of the International Journal of Performability Engineering. The book tries to outline the concept of sustainability as applied in engineering of systems, products and services. It is well-recognized that what we cannot measure, we cannot design in products, systems and services. Therefore the reviewer considers the contribution of this book highly relevant in designing of sustainable systems, products and services. Diverse topics and approaches presented by several authors attempt to define sustainability in various spheres and present measures and procedures to assess sustainability in general terms.

Through the example in the third chapter, the author presents the concept of sustainable process index which follows the guidelines of LCA ( life cycle assessment) where the strategy is to evaluate flows of material that are related to global cycles such as water, nitrogen and carbon cycles. This allows engineers to assess ecological footprints of technologies used by them over the entire life of a system, product or service. Various metrics devised for sustainability have been presented to represent material, energy, water solid wastes, toxic releases and pollutant effects. Several footprints such as carbon footprint (most popular), ecological footprint, environmental footprint, water footprints are used to represent sustainable designs. The book summarizes all existing methodologies to assess the sustainability of a product and aims to develop more green products and processes by the engineers. Therefore, in the opinion of the reviewer, this book must be read by all engineering graduates and the designers, developers, operators and users of future systems, products, and services.


This review has been published in Vol. 11, No. 5,  September 2015 issue of the IJPE


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