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An Automated Test Case Generation Approach based on Activity Diagrams of SysML

Volume 13, Number 6, October 2017 - Paper 13  - pp. 922-936
DOI: 10.23940/ijpe.17.06.p13.922936

Yufei Yin, Yiqun Xu, Weikai Miao*, Yixiang Chen

Shanghai Key Lab for Trustworthy Computing, East China Normal University, Shanghai 200062, China

(Submitted on July 25, 2017; Revised on August 30, 2017; Accepted on September 15, 2017)

(This paper was presented at the Third International Symposium on System and Software Reliability.)


Model based software testing is one of the most popular software quality assurance techniques adopted by industrial practitioners. The SysML Activity Diagram (AD) can describe dynamic behaviors of a software system under testing in an intuitive way. That is, the AD is a promising foundation for generating test case to test the target software system. Unfortunately, there are few effective AD based testing approaches for industrial practitioners due to the lack of automated generation technique and powerful tool support, especially for whose shape is out of structure. To tackle this problem, we propose an automated generation approach with a supporting tool. For a specific AD, we first transform it into an intermediate representation form — Intermediate Black box Model (IBM). Then the IBM is used to generate test cases automatically. The approach presented in this paper can make up the deficiency of automated test case generation with the unstructured SysML AD.


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