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Volume 15 - 2019

No.1 January 2019
No.1 January 2019
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No.7 July 2019

Volume 14 - 2018

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No.1 January 2018
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No.3 March 2018
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No.4 April 2018
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No.6 June 2018
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No.10 October 2018
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No.12 December 2018

Volume 13 - 2017

No.4 July 2017
No.4 July 2017
No.5 September 2017
No.5 September 2017
No.7 November 2017
No.7 November 2017
No.8 December 2017
No.8 December 2017

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Volume 13 - 2017
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No.1 January 2017
# Paper Title Author
1 January 2017 Editorial
Xuelin Li
2 January 2017 - Introducing New Editors
Xuelin Li
3 January 2017 - P1 - Numerical Investigation of the Inner Flow in Centralized Fluffs Collection using CFD
4 January 2017 - P2 - Process Improvement of Fiber Glass Industry
5 January 2017 - P3 - Integrating Production and Maintenance for a Multi-Lines System
6 January 2017 - P4 - Non Informative Priors for the Stress-Strength Reliability in the Generalized Augmented Inverse Gaussian Distribution
7 January 2017 - P5 - Stochastic and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Two Unit Hot Standby Database System
Amit Manocha, Gulshan Taneja and Sukhvir Singh
8 January 2017 - P6 - Predicting the Effect of Nano-Structural Parameters on the Elastic Properties of Carbon Nanotube-Polymeric based Composites
9 January 2017 - P7 - Broken Rotor Bar Fault Diagnosis in VFD Driven Induction Motors by an Improved Vibration Monitoring Technique
10 January 2017 - P8 - A Two Step Method for Tower Structure Damage Location
Yu Zhefu and Huo Linsheng
No.2 March 2017
# Paper Title Author
1 March 2017 Editorial
Xuelin Li
2 March 2017 - P1 - Empirical Investigation of Airline Service Quality and Passenger Satisfaction in India
S. Suresh, T. G. Balachandran and S. Sendilvelan
3 March 2017 - P2 - Reliability Analysis of Centrifugal Pump through FMECA and FEM
4 March 2017 - P3 - A Bayesian Estimation Procedure of Reliability Function for Lifetime Distributions
5 March 2017 - P4 - Estimate of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Objective from Classical OEE
6 March 2017 - P5 - Simulation and Analysis of an Eddy Current Damper
Ishan Luthra and S. K. Pahuja
7 March 2017 - P6 - An Extension Graphical Duration Models Integrating Conditional Sojourn Time Distributions
J. FOUlliaron, L. Bouillaut, P. Aknin, and A. Barros
8 March 2017 - P7 - Enhancement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness using Total Productive Maintenance in a Manufacturing Industry
9 March 2017 - P8 - A Review on Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
K. Srinivas, A. Lakshumu Naidu and M. V. A. Raju Bahubalendruni
10 March 2017 - P9 - Who Will Be the Next to Drop Out? Anticipating Dropouts in MOOCs with Multi-View Features
11 March 2017 - P10 - Stress Calculation of Polymer Displacing Residual Oil in Micro Pores
12 March 2017 - P11 - Linear Mixing Random Measures Based Mixture Models
13 March 2017 - P12 - Hybrid Model Based Sampling Algorithm to Infer Dynamic Complex Network
14 March 2017 - SC69 - Self-Optimization in Cloud Computing Considering Reliability and Energy
No.3 May 2017
# Paper Title Author
1 May 2017 - P1 - Classification of Various Wind Turbine Blade Faults through Vibration Signals Using Hyperpipes and Voting Feature Intervals Algorithm
Joshuva. A. and Sugumaran. V.
2 May 2017 - P2 - CASA For Improving Speech Intelligibility in Monaural Speech Separation
M. Dharmalingam and M. C. John Wiselin
3 May 2017 - P3 - On Throughput-Reliability Tradeoff Analysis of MIMO Channels under Generalistic Fading Scenario
S. Rajarajan and Sanjay K. Chaturvedi
4 May 2017 - P4 - Reliability Analysis of 6-Component Lattice Load-sharing Markov Repairable System with Spatial Dependence
Liying Wang, Yuran Tian, and Zhaona Pei
5 May 2017 - P5 - Reliability Analysis of Cloud-RAID 6 with Imperfect Fault Coverage
Lavanya Mandava and Liudong Xing
6 May 2017 - P6 - A Review on Degradation Modelling and Its Engineering Applications
Ameneh Forouzandeh Shahraki, Om Parkash Yadav, and Haitao Liao
7 May 2017 - P7 - A Beam Finite Element Model for Efficient Analysis of Wire Strands
8 May 2017 - P8 - A Sub-Modeling Technique to Balance Force System Boundary Condition
9 May 2017 - SC71 - Performability Analysis of a Parallel Service Considering Multiple Types of Failures
Shengji Yu and Xiwei Qiu
10 May 2017 - SC68 - Simulated Software Testing Process Considering Debuggers with Different Detection and Correction Capabilities
11 May 2017 - CFP - Special Section on Software Reliability
Xuelin Li
No.4 July 2017
# Paper Title Author
1 July 2017 - P1 - Vibration Analysis of Shaft Misalignment and Diagnosis Method of Structure Faults for Rotating Machinery
Zhaoyi Guan, Peng Chen, Xiaoyu Zhang, Xiong Zhou, and Ke Li
2 July 2017 - P2 - Impact of Genetic Optimization on the Prediction Performance of Case-Based Reasoning Algorithm in Liver Disease
Sakshi Takkar and Aman Singh
3 July 2017 - P3 - Fault Diagnosis in Flywheels: Case Study of a Reaction Wheel Dynamic System with Bearing Imperfections
C. U. Mba, H. A. Gabbar, S. Marchesiello, A. Fasana, L. Garibaldi
4 July 2017 - P4 - Capacity Bounds for MIMO System in TWDP Fading Channel
Bhavnika Garg and Aman Singh
5 July 2017 - P5 - Clustering-Based Feature Selection Framework for Microarray Data
Smita Chormunge and Sudarson Jena
6 July 2017 - P6 - An Automated Computer Aided Procedure for Exploded View Generation
G.V.S.S. Sharma and M.V.A. Raju Bahubalendruni
7 July 2017 - P7 - Adaptive RBF Neural Network Sliding Mode Control for a DEAP Linear Actuator
Dehui Qiu, Yu Chen, Yuan Li
8 July 2017 - P8 - Performance Analysis of DPPM Modulation based on Pulsed Fiber Laser
Dongya Xiao, Hongzuo Li, Huiying Zhang
9 July 2017 - P9 - Thresh Effects and Spatial Spillover of Electricity Consumption on Economic Growth
Liping Guo, Jie Zhou, Xiaowei Yang
10 July 2017 - P10 - Similarity Entropy-Based Self-Adaptive String Outlier Detection Method
Ou Ye and Zhanli Li
11 July 2017 - P11 - Traffic-Aware Opportunistic Data Delivery Strategy for Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Deling Huang, Chang Su, and Yusong Yan
12 July 2017 - P12 - Cervical Cancer Diagnosis based on Random Forest
Guanglu Sun, Shaobo Li, Yanzhen Cao, and Fei Lang
13 July 2017 - P13 - A Novel Target Algorithm based on TLD Combining with SLBP
Jitao Zhang, Aili Wang, Mingxiao Wang, and Yuji Iwahori
14 July 2017 - P14 - Classification of Potato External Quality based on SVM and PCA
Juntao Xiong, Linyue Tang, Zhiliang He, Jingzi He, Zhen Liu, Rui Lin, and Jing Xiang
15 July 2017 - P15 - A Multi-Agent Collaborative Model for Bayesian Opportunistic Channel Accessibility in Railway Cognitive Radio
Zhijie Yin, Yiming Wang, and Cheng Wu
16 July 2017 - P16 - Energy Balance Quorum System for Wireless Sensor Networks
Yujun Zhu, Xiaoqi Qin, Xuxia Zhang, and Dadong Zhao
17 July 2017 - P17 - kNN Research based on Multi-Source Query Points on Road Networks
Jia Liu, Wei Chen, Ziyang Chen, and Lin Zhao
18 July 2017 - P18 - Active Learning Method for Chinese Spam Filtering
Guanglu Sun, Shaobo Li, Teng Chen, Xuhang Li, and Suxia Zhu
19 July 2017 - P19 - A New Multiple Instance Learning Algorithm based on Instance-Consistency
Zhize Wu, Miao Zhang, Shouhong Wan, and Lihua Yue
20 July 2017 - P20 - Research on Destination Prediction for Urban Taxi based on GPS Trajectory
Meng Zhang, Yongjian Yang, Liping Huang, and Xiaopeng Zhang
21 July 2017 - P21 - LAPDK: A Novel Dynamic-Programming-Based Algorithm for the LAP-(D, k) Query Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks
Xingpo Ma, Yanli Li, Ran Li, Yin Li, and Junbin Liang
22 July 2017 - SC53 - Case Studies for Bearing Fault Diagnosis based on Adaptive Myriad Filter and Alpha Stable Model
Xinghui Zhang, Fei Zhao, and Jianshe Kang
23 July 2017 - CFP - Special Section on Software Reliability
Xuelin Li
No.5 September 2017
# Paper Title Author
1 Optimization of Multi-item Operation Sequences and Batch Size for Non-Parallel Capacitated Machines: A Case Study
Bhushan S. Purohit, Sandeep Kumar, Bhupesh K. Lad, Vikas Manjrekar, Vivek Singh
2 Car Selection Using Hybrid Fuzzy AHP and Grey Relation Analysis Approach
Amol Nayakappa Patil, Niraj G. Pai Bhale, Nagaraj Raikar, M. Prabhakaran
3 Reliability Comparison of a Fabricated Humidity Sensor using Various Artificial Intelligence Techniques
Cherry Bhargava, Vijay Kumar Banga, Yaduvir Singh
4 An Intelligent Assessment Method of Contact Fatigue Reliability for Rolling Bearing under EHL
Chunyu Lu and Shaojun Liu
5 A Covert Communication Scheme based on DNA Microdots for Port Hopping
Leyi Shi, Yuwen Cui, Xiaotong Liu, Hui Sun, Zhiyu Xue, Shufen Zhang
6 NE-UserCF: Collaborative Filtering Recommender System Model based on NMF and E2LSH
Yun Wu, Yiqiao Li, Ren Qian
7 An XML Streaming Data Processing Method based on Forest Transducer
Zhixue He, Husheng Liao
8 Lightweight of Artificial Bone Models Utilizing Porous Structures and 3D Printing
Shengfa Wang, Lichao Zhou, Zhongxuan Luo, Yongxuan Luo, Xuanshen Wang
9 A Stochastic Sub-gradient Method for Low Rank Matrix Completion of Collaborative Recommendation
WeihuaYuan, Hong Wang, Baofang Hu, Qian Sun
10 Image Retrieval Method based on Multi-View Generating and Ensemble Learning
Huanyu Li, Yunqiang Li, Yufei Zha
11 An Automatic Simulation Framework to Find Loopholes in Regimes
Yun Wu, Yiqiao Li
12 A 3D Segmentation Method for Pulmonary Nodule Image Sequences based on Supervoxels and Multimodal Data
Qiang Cui, Zinlin Qiang, Juanjuan Zhao, Yan Qiang, Xiaolei Liao
13 A Study on Faults Diagnosis and Early-Warning Method of Tailings Reservoir Monitoring Points based on Intelligent Discovery
Tianyong Wu­,Chunyuan Zhang,Yunsheng Zhao
14 Approach of Tamper Detection for Sensitive Data based on Negotiable Hash Algorithm
Jing Lin, Chuqiao Mi, Yuanquan Shi
15 A Study on the Influence Propagation Model in Topic Attention Networks
Xiao Chen, Jingfeng Guo, Kelun Tian, Chaozhi Fan, Xiao Pan
16 SDBR: A Secure Depth-Based Anonymous Routing Protocol in Underwater Acoustic Networks
Chunyan Peng, Xiujuan Du
17 A Novel Information Theory-Based Ensemble Feature Selection Framework for High-Dimensional Microarray Data
Jie Cai, Jiawei Luo, Cheng Liang, ShengYang
18 A New Aggregate Signature Scheme in Cryptographic Currency
Chao Yuan, Mixue Xu, Xueming Si
19 An Analytical Method for Dynamic Evolution of Attack Process based on Markov Game
Weicheng Yan, Lingyan Li
20 An Attention-Based Syntax-Tree and Tree-LSTM Model for Sentence Summarization
Wenfeng Liu, Peiyu Liu, Yuzhen Yang, Yaling Gao, Jing Yi
No.6 October 2017
# Paper Title Author
1 Schedulability Analysis and Symbolic Verification Method for Heterogeneous Multicore Real-Time Systems
Wei Wang, Zhengyu Liao, Dong Guo, Hui Zhang, Chunqi Tian, Jianing Tong
2 Analysis of Large Fault Trees based on Simplified BDD Algorithm
Wei Liu, Yong Zhou, Hongmei Xie, Zhengxian Wei
3 A Subjective Logic-Based Approach for Assessing Confidence in Assurance Case
Chunchun Yuan, Ji Wu, Chao Liu, Haiyan Yang
4 Retrieval of Vehicle Images based on Color Space Fuzzy Quantification in Criminal Investigation
Mingdi Hu, Mengbin Zhang, Yilun Lou
5 A Distribution-Level Combinational Model to Improve Reliability Prediction Accuracy
Wenjun Xie, Haiyan Sun, Lu Zhang, Ji Wu
6 An Analysis Tool Towards Fault Tolerance Systems based on AADL Error Model
Wenbing Zhang, Guohua Shen, Zhiqiu Huang, Zhibin Yang, Lei Xue
7 HACO-F: An Accelerating HLS-Based Floating-Point Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm on FPGA
Shuo Zhang, Zhangqin Huang, Weidong Wang, Rui Tian, Jian He
8 An Efficient Moving Optimal Radial Sampling Method for Reliability-Based Design Optimization
Xiaoke Li, Zhenzhong Chen, Wuyi Ming , Haobo Qiu, Jun Ma, Wenbin He
9 Recognition of Opinion Leaders in Micro-Blog based on Linked Data
Zhiyun Zheng, Pengfei Li, Xingjin Zhang, Dun Li
10 The Quantitative Analysis of Approximate Correctness for Real-Time Systems
Yanfang Ma, Liang Chen, Haiyu Pan
11 Predicting Accidents in Interlocking Systems: An SHA Model-Based Approach
Yan Wang, Wen Zhong, Xiaohong Chen, Jing Liu
12 Development of Lighting Control System for Smart Hotel Rooms
Jiajia Feng, Yongjie Yang, Hongming Shen, Zhitian Cai
13 An Automated Test Case Generation Approach based on Activity Diagrams of SysML
Yufei Yin, Yiqun Xu, Weikai Miao, Yixiang Chen
14 AdaRate: A Rate-Adaptive Traffic Measurement Method in Software Defined Networks
Jixing Tang, Yue Zhang, Yan Li
15 A Novel Ensemble Classification for Data Streams with Class Imbalance and Concept Drift
Yange Sun, Zhihai Wang, Hongtao Li, Yao Li
16 A Community Structure Detection Method based on Field Effect
Ru Zhang, Zongwei Ren
17 Mobile-MultiSink Routing Protocol for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhuo Wang, Yancheng Sui, Xiaoning Feng, Jiajie Liu
18 Time Probabilistic Vehicle Optimal Route using Ant Colony Algorithm
Ming Fu, Jian Zhou, Lifang Wang
19 A Method for Segmenting Uyghur Symbols
Xiangwei Qi, Yong Yang, Weimin Pan
No.7 November 2017
# Paper Title Author
1 Modified Bat Algorithm for the Multi-Objective Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem
Haodong Zhu, Baofeng He, Hongchan Li
2 A Novel Design for Assembly Approach for Modified Topology of Industrial Products
G. Bala Murali, B. B. V. L. Deepak and B. B. Biswal
3 A Variable Neighborhood Migrating Birds Optimization Algorithm for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling
Hongchan Li, Bangqin Cao, Haodong Zhu
4 A Fast and Efficient Coding Algorithm for HEVC System based on Texture Analysis of Entropy Difference
Qiuwen Zhang, Kunqiang Huang, Xiao Wang, Yong Gan
5 Service Selection Method based on Skyline in Cloud Environment
Yanpei Liu, Rui Yang, Suzhi Zhang
6 Solar Cell Surface Defects Detection based on Computer Vision
Xiaoliang Qian, Heqing Zhang, Huanlong Zhang, Yuanyuan Wu, Zhihua Diao, Qing-E Wu, Cunxiang Yang
7 A Research for Aerospace Complex Software System Runtime Fault Detection
Chenjing Yan, Wei Zhang, Xiaochuan Jing, Hui Ge, Xiaoyin Wang
8 Research on Cloud Computing Task Scheduling based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization
Shasha Zhao, Xueliang Fu, Honghui Li, Gaifang Dong, Jianrong Li
9 Cloud Task Scheduling Algorithm based on Improved Genetic Algorithm
Hu Yao, Xueliang Fu, Honghui Li, Gaifang Dong, Jianrong Li
10 Micro-blog Real Time Personalized Recommendation based on Partial Indexing
Dun Li, Meng Wang, Lun Li, Zhiyun Zheng
11 A New Improved Algorithm for SLP
Zhan-Jie Guo, Hui Liu
12 A Plan Recognizing Algorithm based on Fuzzy Cognitive Plan Map
Yuan Feng, Zengyu Cai, Xuhui Wang, Jianwei Zhang, Yong Gan
13 Software Trustworthiness Static Measurement Model and the Tool
Yan Li, Zhiqiang Wu, Yixiang Chen
14 Automatic Generation of the AADL ALISA Verification Plan with ATL
Tianyi Wu, Zhiqiu Huang, Zhibin Yang, Tiexin Wang, Lei Xue
15 Balanced Optimal Allocation of Resources based on Hybrid Algorithm of Ant Colony and Fish Swarm in Manufacturing Grid
Baosheng Wang, Hongyan Hao
16 Image Objects Segmentation and Tracking based on Genetic Algorithm Optimized Local Level Set Method with Shape Prior
Aixia Wang, Jingjiao Li, Zhenni Li, Aiyun Yan
17 Speed Control Simulation of the Electric Vehicle Driving Motor
Wanmin Li, Menglu Gu, Lulu Wei
18 Optimal Allocation of Mould Manufacturing Resources Under Manufacturing Network Environments based on a Bi-Level Programming Model
Hongyan Hao, Fanxin Kong
19 Text Feature Selection based on Feature Dispersion Degree and Feature Concentration Degree
Zhifeng Zhang, Yuhua Li, Haodong Zhu
20 Fault Diagnosis for Machinery based on Feature Selection and Probabilistic Neural Network
HaipingLi, Jianmin Zhao, Xinghui Zhang, Xianglong Ni
No.8 December 2017
# Paper Title Author
1 Testability Metrics for Software Behavioral Models
Pan Liu
2 Modeling and Optimizing CPS Software Testing based on Petri Nets
Liqiong Chen, Guisheng Fan, Huiqun Yu
3 Human-Machine Interface Evaluation of CNC Machine Control Panel through Multidimensional Experimental Data Synchronous Testing Analysis Method
Jinhua Dou, Lei Zhang, Qichao Zhao, Qin Pei, Jingyan Qin
4 An Approach to Resource Scheduling based on User Expectation in Cloud Testing
Zhongsheng Qian, Xiaojin Wang
5 ST-LUSTRE: A Novel Spatio-Temporal Language Towards Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems
Jing Liu, Junyang Wang, Zhiwei Li, Haiying Sun, Yuejun Wang, Dehui Du, Xiaohong Chen, Mingsong Chen
6 Channel Calibration based on Correlation Analysis for Multichannel SAR-GMTI Systems with Performance Test
Zhao-Yan Chen, Tong Wang
7 Performance Evaluation of Recommender Systems
Mingang Chen, Pan Liu
8 SDN-based Approach to Generating and Optimizing Test Path for Cloud Application
Liqiong Chen, Yunxiang Liu, Guisheng Fan
9 Construction and Verification of Knowledge Base of Political & Economy News based on Mixed Algorithm of Subgraph Feature Extraction and RESCAL
Pin Wu, Juanjuan Luo, Yonghua Zhu, Wenjie Zhang
10 A Plug-in Test Case Generation Method based on Contact Layer Proximity and Node Probability Coverage
Zhongsheng Qian, Dafei Hong, Xiaojin Wang
11 Entity Disambiguation with Markov Logic Network Knowledge Graphs
Jiangtao Ma, Tao Wei, Yaqiong Qiao, Yongzhong Huang, Weibo Xie, Chaoqin Zhang,Yanjun Wang, Rui Zhang
12 Simulation and Analysis of Linear Permanent Magnet Vernier Motors for Direct Drive Systems
Mingjie Wang, Yanyan Li, Hongbo Qiu, Cunxiang Yang, Congshan Li
13 A Partial Supply Simulation Relation and its Proof System in PADS
Xinghua Yao, Hengyang Wu
14 An Effective Rate Distortion Optimization Method for Reliability HEVC Systems
Jinchao Zhao, Kunqiang Huang, Qiuwen Zhang
15 Security Framework based on Trusted Computing for Industrial Control Systems of CNC Machines
Shanshan Tu, Guojie Liu, Qiangqiang Lin, Li Lin, Zedong Sun
16 Path Planning for Multi-AGV Systems based on Two-Stage Scheduling
Wan Xu, Qi Wang, Mingjin Yu, Daxing Zhao
17 Deep Belief Network for Lung Nodules Diagnosed in CT Imaging
Ting Zhang, Juanjuan Zhao, Jiaying Luo, Yan Qiang
18 Research on Techniques and Methods of Developing Cryptography Virtual Laboratory
Guihua Duan, Yan Wang, Min Li, Yu Sheng, Jianxin Wang, Shigeng Zhang
19 A Mixed Integer Model for Large-Scale New Energy Medium-Term Operation Problem
Tieqiang Wang, Fang Liu, Xin Cao, Chenjun Sun, Zhice Yang and Jue Wang
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